Mount Marlay Lookout and Summit Walk

To get the ultimate panoramic view over Stanthorpe, visit Mt Marlay lookout

You can drive to the summit, or if you are keen on giving your legs a workout, you can take the steps from the bottom of the mountain.

From the top of the lookout, you can see the whole town of Stanthorpe. The view is amazing.

There are free mounted binoculars at the lookout and picnic tables with and without shade.

Mount Marley Walking track

If you have the time, you can hike around and explore the area. It’s a great place for a picnic and a nice view.

The hike to the summit, which follows a narrow trail through the trees and offers scenic views in every direction, is worth doing if you have the time and energy.

The best time to go is on a clear day when the weather is nice. Bring plenty of water, and make sure that you have a camera with you. You can also bring your own food and drink, but make sure that you don’t leave anything behind. You should be careful of wild animals.

There are some beautiful walking trails that lead you through the bushland to the lookout. Your children will also enjoy discovering the wildlife and plantlife that you’ll find, and a great opportunity to connect with them.

From the picnic area, walk north on the signed path to the summit. There are some short, steep sections up to the summit. Once you reach the summit, enjoy views in every direction.

If you’re walking up Mount Marlay, the trail commences at Alice Street while the drive starts at the end of Lock Street. The total elevation of the track is about 100m.



Mountain Biking on the Granite Belt

The mountain bike trails are perfect for family or beginners riding, with four trails available, starting with beginner terrain, which is very easy for families.

The Granite Belt is fast becoming a mountain bike enthusiasts paradise. There are lots of new trails, lots of trail amenities, and a growing community that’s dedicated to making more trails.

The Granite Belt offers an exciting riding experience for both beginners and experienced bikers. A blend of granite rock and numerous soil types makes this area a great place to get your mountain biking fix.


The trails at Mt Marlay are suitable for riders of all abilities – from beginners to experienced.

Mt Marlay is a mountain that is only a 1.5km drive from the beautiful town of Stanthorpe.

Since opening in 2018, with trails now attracting both mountain bikers and families, those with a strong interest in biking are now able to try the sport on trails that aren’t quite as technical.

The Granite Belt is famous for its beautiful granite boulders and its fantastic granite outcrops, and is a great place for a fun day out.

There are many trails suited to different ages of families, teenagers, or people just starting out in mountain biking, as well as black-rated trails which are the most challenging and attract more experienced mountain bike enthusiasts.


The Granite Belt is a fantastic destination for any family-sized adventure or romantic getaway. It’s close to Brisbane, making it an easy weekend getaway.

For more information on tours and attractions, talk to our friendly staff at Diamondvale Cottages, and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction to create a unique and memorable stay.