About Us


From the moment we stepped out of the car in front of the Homestead at Diamondvale Estate we knew we were home.  We knew we were keen for a space where we could create a peaceful, warm, and loving home.

Diamondvale is our nirvana. Expansive natural surrounds perched on the Quart Pot Creek brimming with history, nature, and an indescribable hint of country magic. This is where we can enjoy a good life and it is our pleasure to share it with you.

We invite you to take a moment for you. To enjoy time together with loved ones, or solo in seclusion. To bask in relaxed luxury with access to a pace of life that makes your heart smile. We are dedicated to ensuring your every need is taken care of and giving you the privacy and comfort of home in this magical natural landscape.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing the simple pleasures of life.

David & Rachael

couple David and Rachael sitting on the front verandah of the Diamondvale Homestead, casually dressed and looking happy with themselves
Diamondvale Cottages as viewed from Quart Pot Creek


Diamondvale Homestead

Originally located in Amosfield NSW 12 kilometres away, this beautiful home belonged to the Bottrell family.  Thomas Bottrell had 12 children including 2 sets of twins who spent many years laughing, playing, and growing in the homestead before the property was acquired by the Bonner Family of Amosfield.

Life in the small community of Amosfield revolved around the homestead with dancing in the barn and impromptu performances by the animals – a praying horse and larrikin emu.  “Digger” the performing horse was Amosfield’s big attraction with 16 tricks to his repertoire. He helped raise funds for patriotic appeals and peacetime charities.  During WWI Digger raised as much as 40 pounds a day to assist with funds for soldiers, hospital beds and an ambulance for Stanthorpe.

Post both world wars and many decades later in 1986, the homestead was purchased by the McKormick’s. It was the McKormick’s who decided to move the home to Diamondvale, Stanthorpe. The dwelling had to be moved in four pieces along with the old railway siding which remains on the property as the quaint and historic Camelia Cottage.  The original homestead still stands today on the banks of Quart Pot Creek at Diamondvale which was named after the discovery of diamonds in Kettle Swamp and Quart Pot Creeks. You can still pan for treasures in the creek today where you will more likely find tin over diamonds.

Joe and Lynn Gambasin

The home and surrounding property was then purchased by Joe and Lynn Gambasin in 1990. With a dream in their heart and vision in their mind they worked hard to create the first B&B in Stanthorpe. Opening in 1991 the B&B quickly became renowned for its high standards of guest experience which remains the cornerstone of the Diamondvale experience today.

Stanthorpe Diamondvale cottages offer quality self-contained accommodation in the heart of the Granite Belt wine country.
owners David & Rachael Lang and their border collie Millie

David and Rachael Lang

Time for a new set of custodians and out of pure chance, a heart full of belief and a hint of magic, it was in February 2021 that David and Rachael Lang from the Sunshine Coast began to call Diamondvale home.  Having both spent their formative years on their respective grandparents’ dairy and sugar cane farms they were craving the simple joys that country life offers. From the moment they stepped out of the car in front of the homestead, they knew this was home, and it is with a heart full of gratitude that they now get to welcome guests; family; and friends from near and far, to this magical space to enjoy the simplest of life.